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Escola Sustentável


General Information


The Sustainable School Project aims to realise necessary construction and services to the fitting of the schools in the State Network of Public Schooling of the State of São Paulo with regards to energy and water consumption.


Construction and services rendered, to be provided by the private party, are as follows: (i) implementing and operating an energy grid wholly on renewable energy, especially photovoltaic plaques, (ii) lowering the overall energy usage by supporting, operating  and implementing efficient lighting systems, vying for maximum use of natural sunlight (such as movement sensors that regulate light intensity), air conditioning efficiency, high-performance energy equipments (pumps, elevators and compressors, and automatic energy demand system controls); and (iii) lowering water usage with the modernisation of the hydro-sanitary systems in schools (installation of new devices, porcelain and water-saving sanitary equipments, better and more efficient telemeasuring equipments, with the goal of promoting loss reduction, combat waste, improve managing, racionalising usage and bettering water consumption, adopting best practices, methodologies and state-of-the-art technology).


Education, Energy, Water Resources

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