Legislation for General Contracting

State Level

Regulates the biddings and contracts in the State Administration Level.
Law No. 6.544 from November 22, 1989

Alters the State Law No. 6.544/1989, which regulates the compulsory phase inversion in the bidding process.
Decree No. 54.010 from February 12, 2009

Establishes the general guidelines for the extension and re-engagement of the partnership contracts and gives related
Law No. 16.933 from January 24, 2019

Establishes fiscal adjustment measures - Regulation and Inspection of Public Services, delegated to the private sector, which are the responsibility of ARTESP and ARSESP.
Law No. 17.293 from October 15, 2020

Establishes the State of São Paulo Investment Partnerships Program - PPI-SP and takes related measures.
Decree No. 67.443 from January 11, 2023

Federal Level

Regulates the article 37, Subsection XXI, of the Federal Constitution, establishes standards for the bidding and contracting procedures of the Public Administration and set forth other measures.
Law No. 8.666 from June 21, 1993

Administrative Contracts and Bidding Law.
Law No. 14,133 fron April 04, 2021

Legislation for Concessions

State Level

Establishes the State Destatization Program.
Law No.9.361 from July 5, 1996

Establishes the state program for participation of the private sector on the rendering of public services and delivering of infrastructure.
Decree No. 40.000 from March 16, 1995

Creates the Director Council of the Destatization State Program PED and the Technical and Executive Secretariat.
Decree No. 41.150 from September 13, 1996

Article 6, item I, regulates article 1-A of Decree 41,150/1996.
Decree No. 67.443, from January 11, 2023

Federal Level

Regulates the federal public concession regime.
Law No. 8.987 from February 13,1995

Legislation for Public-Private Partnership

State Level

Establishes the Public-Private Partnership State Program.

Law No. 11.688 from May 19, 2004

Regulates the Public-Private Partnership State Program.

Decree No. 48.867 from August 10, 2004

Regulates real estate alienation which is mentioned on the Law No. 11.688.

Decree No. 50.826 from May 25, 2006

Regulates real estate alienation which is mentioned on the Law No. 11.688.

Decree No. 51.126 from September 19, 2006

Establishes the Committee on Public-Private Partnerships Contracts.

Decree No. 62.540 from April 11, 2017

Article 6, item II, new wording to article 3 of Decree No. 48.867/2004, on the CGPPP, and item III, new wording to Article 3 of Decree No. 62.540/2017, CAC-PPP members.
Decree No. 67.443 from January 11, 2023

Disciplines the procedure for studies related to parnerships projects and privatization.
Decree No. 67.759 from June 20, 2023

Federal Level

Regulates procurement process and public-private partnerships procedures on the public sector.

Law No. 11.079 from December 30, 2004

Authorizes the Federal Government to participate in funds dedicated to either foreign trade operations or large-scale infrastructure projects.

Law nº 12.712 from August 30, 2012

Establishes procedures to the Expression of Interest to be observed by physical or legal persons in the presentation of projects, surveys, investigations or studies to be used by the Public Administration.

Decree No. 8.428 from April 2, 2015

Introduces general standards for public sector accounts on the public-private partnership contracts.

Instruction No. 614 from August 21, 2006 (National Treasury)