Public-Private Partnerships Program

Public-private partnerships have been established as an innovative instrument used by the State of São Paulo for development of new projects. The program has spread the culture of effectiveness control in public contracts, risk sharing with the private partner, innovative solutions, higher quality in public services and remuneration linked to performance. Know more.

Digital Platform for Partnerships

The Digital Platform for Partnerships aims to present new business opportunities and facilitate the submission of project proposals to be joint developed by the public and the private sector. PPP Handbook - State of São Paulo.

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On Going Projects

The total value of PPP projects in the State of São Paulo is over R$ 95 billion.

There are several projects distributed in a wide range of sectors and the model allows a more transparent, innovative and cooperative relationship between the State and private partners.

Tamoios Highway

Duplication completed

Water Production System – Alto Tietê

Water treatment station

FURP - Américo Brasiliense

Production Line


Aerial View


New Pérola Byington - Women´s Health Reference Center Hospital