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Public-Private Partnerships Program

Public-private partnerships have been established as an innovative instrument used by the State of São Paulo for development of new projects. The program has spread the culture of effectiveness control in public contracts, risk sharing with the private partner, innovative solutions, higher quality in public services and remuneration linked to performance.


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Access Investment Opportunities Catalog, with disclosure of the projects in the pipeline.

During the quarantine period, the Undersecretariat of Partnerships will keep active on project's development and

events will be highlighted at the top of this page and other official government websites.

Also visit the Executive Summary of Partnerships of the State of São Paulo, with information about the Partnership Program.

The Undersecretariat of Partnerships of the State of São Paulo Government, with the objective of establishing institutional norms for the dialogue between public and private entities, as well as conciliating interests for the implementation of its project portfolio, inaugurates in a transversal and schematized manner the procedure of market sounding.

This procedure serves as a venue for operators, investors, financiers and other qualified parties to contribute towards the dialogue regarding the state’s concession and public-private partnerships projects. As such, individual meetings will be scheduled, in order to understand the main aspects of each project that should be considered, such as the principle risks, barriers to entry, critical points regarding project financing, regulatory restrictions, innovations or technical alternatives.

Moreover, this procedure will serve to evaluate the project’s viability, in addition to the capacity and maturity of the sector under analysis.

The meetings can be held in either English or Portuguese.

Market sounding projects schedule

Click here to access the rules of the Market Sounding

New Intercity Passengers Bus Transportation Market Sounding

Aiming to refine the Intercity Passengers Bus Transportation concession project, we are initiating another round of market sounding to collect contributions from operators, investors, funds, finance institutions and other relevant players of the market and to verify the project suitability to the new circumstances.

To schedule a meeting, access the following link and follow thes steps:

1. Select an avaiable day;

2. Select an avaiable time slot in the chosen day:

3. Select "confirm";

4. Fill the blanks and click on "adicionar convidados" to enlist more representatives, regarding the limitation of five representatives;

5. In the last field add company's name and all of your representatives' names, ID's and e-mails.

Registration period for participation in meetings: 9/08 to 9/20/2020

The meetings will be held from 9/28 to 10/2/2020.

For more informations, and to request participation in one of the market sounding rounds send an email to

Digital Platform for Partnerships

The Digital Partnership Platform aims to present new business opportunities and facilitate the submission of proposals for new projects for joint development between the public and private sectors. 

To understand better all the steps required for submission, click here to acesss the São Paulo State Partnership Handbook.


Click on the button below to access the Platform.

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On Going Projects

The total value of PPP projects in the State of São Paulo is over BRL 94.4 billion (*).

There are several projects distributed in a wide range of sectors and the model allows a more transparent, innovative and cooperative relationship between the State and private partners.

In the map below, it is possible to identify projects already contracted by area of activity. To access the menu, click the upper left corner.

(*) minimum private investment, on the contract signature date, updated values for 2019.