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Public-Private Partnerships Program

Public-private partnerships have been established as an innovative instrument used by the State of São Paulo for the development of new projects. The program, which encompasses all partnerships carried out by the State Government in the modalities of Common Concession and Public-Private Partnerships, has spread the culture of effectiveness control in public contracts, risk-sharing with the private partner, innovative solutions, higher quality in public services, and remuneration linked to performance.

Learn more about the program.

Access the Executive Summary of Partnerships of the State of São Paulo, for more information about the Partnership Program.

Public Call

With the publication of the Public Calling Notice, agents from the private sector are invited to express interest in the development of the project's studies.

The Public Call presents all the rules of the procedure and indicates which studies must be carried out by the private agent.

To participate in the study process, interested parties must register through the Digital Partnership Platform (“Access”), within the deadline for registering to request Authorization.


Digital Platform for Partnerships

The Digital Partnership Platform aims to present new business opportunities and facilitate the submission of proposals for new projects for joint development between the public and private sectors. 

To understand better all the steps required for submission, click here to acesss the São Paulo State Partnership Handbook.


Click on the button below to access the Platform.

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On Going Projects

The total value of PPP projects in the State of São Paulo, since its creation in 1998, is over BRL 113.4 billion (*) in investments.

There are several projects distributed in a range of sectors and the partnership modalities ensure a more transparent, innovative and cooperative relationship between the government and private partners.

In the map below, it is possible to identify projects already contracted by area of activity. To access the menu, click the upper left corner.

(*) minimum private investment, on the contract signature date, updated values for December 2021.

Contact us:  parcerias@sp.gov.br

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