Em caso de dúvidas, necessidade de esclarecimentos adicionais ou para fins de agendamento de reuniões e contatos telefônicos, pedimos para que os interessados encaminhem suas solicitações por meio de mensagem para os e-mails parcerias@sp.gov.br ou duvidasparcerias@sp.gov.br, indicando, no campo "assunto", o nome do projeto ou da proposta a qual a mesma se refere.

Launching of Concession Projects and Urban Mobility

Governor Geraldo Alckmin launched on March 30, 2017 the International Bidding for the Concession of Lines 5-Lilac and 17-Gold, in an event at Palácio dos Bandeirantes. The opening of the envelopes will occur on July 5, 2017, at the headquarters of Bovespa. Governor presented also the Projects of the Urban Mobility Portfolio for the State of São Paulo.


- Partnership Program - August 2017

- Presentation of Line 5 and Line 17 and Urban Mobility Portfolio

São Paulo goes ahead - Presentation

Highways Concessions Presentations and Rodoanel lot - north section


Public Hearing, Public Consultation and Bidding

During the phase of modeling, the Public Administration has two instruments to gather inputs from civil society and the private market in order to structure the future development to be hired: Public Consultation and Public Hearing.

Through Public Consultation, the Grantor disclose key information that supported the development of modeling studies to be hired, in order to allow the society to contribute during the period in which occurs the Consultation, with the shape of the future partnership and the preparation of bidding documents.

In the Public Hearing, the Public Administration shall date and place to be able to listen to criticism, suggestions and contributions of civil society, and to respond to inquiries made before or during the hearing.

Project Portfolio

The Government of the State of São Paulo is committed to provide the best public services to the population and has expanded its partnerships program. There are projects in various sectors such as roads, sanitation, health, housing and metropolitan transport in order to provide the people of São Paulo the expansion of economic and social infrastructure, with high level of service by private partners.

As pioneers, the partnerships established by the State of São Paulo have been references for the development of partnerships in cities and other states. For more information, view the São Paulo State Partnership Manual.