CGPPP Formation

Saulo de Castro Abreu Filho
Government Secretary

Executive Secretary


Maurício Pinto Pereira Juvenal
Secretary of Planning and Management

Luiz Claudio Rodrigues de Carvalho
Secretary of Finance

José Aldo Rebelo Figueiredo
Chief of Staff

Juan Francisco Carpenter
State Attorney General

Ricardo Alexandre Almeida Bocalon
Deputy Secretary of Economic Development, Science and Technology and Innovation

Tasks of the Public Private Partnerships Program Management Council - CGPPP

Deliberate on preliminary proposals and modeling of PPP projects, observing the effective public interest, priority character and compatibility with LOA, LDO and PPA.

To supervise the execution, as well as to opine on amendment, revision, termination, extension or renewal of PPP contracts.

Define priorities and oversee the activities of the PPP Program.

Responsibilities of the Executive Secretary of the CGPPP

Coordinate the preparation of the information and documents necessary for the analysis of the PPP projects that will be submitted to the CGPPP.

Articulate with UPPP, CPP and other interested bodies and entities.

Attributions of the Public Private Partnerships Unit - UPPP

Discuss the projects through formal demonstrations.

Monitor the performance of technical studies.

Make public, including the State Legislative Assembly, the work related to Partnerships.

Attributions of Companhia Paulista de Parcerias - CPP

Discuss PPP projects through formal demonstrations, highlighting the guarantees.

Accompany technical studies.

Duties of the Monitoring Commission for PPP Contracts

Monitor the execution of all PPP contracts with respect to the steps, acts and events that generate budgetary or financial impact vis-à-vis the State or CPP, as well as the repercussion on the limit of commitment of expenses of a continuing nature.