Concessão RMSP Ônibus Metropolitano


General Information


Concession of public transport passenger services in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, including operation, conservation and maintenance of existing infrastructure and that will be deployed. The proposal was developed by EMTU.


Renewal of concessions of Areas 1 to 4, and institutional regularization of Area 5, which operates in precarious regime of permission/authorization. Among the responsibilities of the Concessionaire are providing the service within the quality standards; implementation and maintenance of Ticketing systems, automated control of the operation, monitoring terminals and the Central Operational Control - CCO; matching the fleet as accessibility and comfort; providing about 5,000 buses; and installation of garages.



Business Model

Common Concession


R$ 3.5 billion (over the concession period)


15 years

Estimated Grant

Higher discount percentage on the remuneration rate - defining Public Tender.

Current Stage

Public Hearing – 09/19/2016

Public  Consultation – 12/26/2016  to  03/02/2017 (extended)

Published bidding

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